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Probably the most important aspect is access to your physician. Who wants to wait two weeks for an appointment when you are needing help now. Perhaps you are traveling and need assistance. We offer 24 hour physician availability via call or text, and  same-day or next-day appointments. This will improve one’s overall health, reduce the incident of hospitalizations and decrease the number of urgent care or ER visits. If it is an emergency situation we will certainly point you in the right direction.

Because the practice is limited to a certain amount of members this improves your access as well as time that you have with your physician. Midlevel providers are not used (nurse practitioner/physician assistant) since the overall number of patients are reduced which in turn reduces volume of patients needing to be seen on a daily basis. This allows me to build a strong relationship with each member and become more proactive rather than reactive when it comes to a patient’s health.

The membership is not to be seen as a replacement to your current insurance plan. Due to the high cost of hospitalizations and emergency care you need to be protected in case of catastrophic events such as trauma, cancer, or a serious medical event. Therefore, pairing your membership with a high deductible, lower premium insurance plan can give you a significant healthcare advantage.

Most health savings plans can be used to cover the membership costs. Schedule a complimentary welcome visit to check us out or answer any questions you may have. Our website will be up soon and will have a Q and A section to take care of most of your questions. We hope to visit with you soon!

Dr. Bailey

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Have you ever been sick and needed to see a doctor, but didn’t want to leave your home or office? Now you can with MyMoboDoc! The mobile doctor that comes to you!

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