Affordable Health Insurance Lakewood Ranch

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Affordable Health Insurance Lakewood Ranch

Most people say, 'that will never happen to me,' however, statistics reveal that many Americans will have a critical illness at some point in their lives:

  • Approximately 46 percent of adults in the United States have hypertension 1
  • 39 percent of both women and men will develop cancer sometime in their lives
  • Over 2,000 deaths are reported daily as a result of cardiovascular disease

Thanks to modern advancements in medicine, more people than ever are surviving critical illnesses such as these. Although this is great news, the treatment for critical conditions is quite costly, and that can put a strain on your budget. One solution is to get critical illness insurance to help with the expenses of life-changing health events and illnesses. Depending on your needs, Quote Savage will assist you to compare quotes and find the best affordable health insurance in Lakewood Ranch.

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance, also known as critical illness coverage or critical care insurance is a  plan that provides lump-sum benefits for covering the expenses of a severe qualifying illness.

A primary insurance plan can cover some cost of health insurance in FL, but usually, a patient will go through other challenges, for instance, paying everyday expenses while not working. That is when a critical illness plan can help.

Critical illness falls into two categories. You can also decide to get additional benefit riders together with your coverage. To find out ‘what is the best health insurance plan in Florida for critical illness?’ we’ll take a look at what is covered by critical care insurance.

  • Category One – This provides benefits in case of bypass surgery, heart attack, heart transplant, stroke, and others.
  • Category Two – Category two provides benefits in case of a major organ transplant that's not heart transplant, Alzheimer's disease, paralysis (not from a stroke), multiple sclerosis, and end-stage renal failure.
  • Wellness Benefit Rider – With this extra coverage, you’ll be paid an annual benefit if you go for a covered screening test.
  • Cancer Rider – If you choose this coverage and you're diagnosed with cancer, you'll be paid a lump-sum.

Who’s at Risk of Critical Illness?

There is no standard test for determining who's at risk as there are many factors that go into the equation, such as the presence of some health condition, lifestyle, and family history. As such, it’s advisable to go for health screenings. Even better, you should talk to one of our expert agents about affordable health insurance in Lakewood Ranch. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we’ll help you to determine if you're fit for critical illness coverage.

Protect You and Your Family

People consider critical illness insurance to help them receive the care they need and meet their obligations. That way, they can focus on recovery rather than worrying about their bills. So, if you want to know, 'how do I get health insurance in Florida, and how much is health insurance in Florida, we can help. Call us on (941) 248-3626, and we'll answer all your questions, including 'where can I find reasonable health insurance?'

Affordable Health Insurance Lakewood Ranch
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