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Are you struggling to attain sobriety? Akua Mind & Body is one of the well-renowned alcohol treatment centers in Costa Mesa with a team of highly skilled and compassionate doctors, therapists, and non-clinical staff.

Inpatient rehabilitation for alcoholism

Inpatient rehab is one of the most effective treatments for those suffering from alcoholism. It offers several treatments and therapies to recovering addicts in a trigger-free setting with round-the-clock personalized care and support. Patients who undergo inpatient rehab treatment are less likely to relapse when compared to those who attend outpatient rehab or no treatment at all.

Inpatient treatment works best for those suffering from moderate to severe alcohol addiction. It allows individuals to focus on treatment without having to worry about work-related stress, school or college assignments, family obligations, etc. Inpatient treatment for alcohol addiction can take anywhere from 1-6 months or more based on the patient's progress in recovery.

Causes of alcoholism

It is hard to narrow down alcoholism to a single cause as there can be a number of risk factors. Some of these causes include:

  • Psychological factors - Individuals that suffer from anxiety, depression, OCD, or other mental disorders are highly likely to develop an alcohol dependency. This is because alcohol helps them forget the effects of their psychological illnesses temporarily.
  • Personality factors - People who party a lot often tend to consume large doses of alcohol over time as their mind builds a tolerance to it. On the other hand, introverts often end up becoming alcoholics. They start with the consumption of alcohol in small doses to make their public appearances and interactions less intimidating, which then blows up into addiction without their knowledge.
  • Genetic factors – Individuals with a family history of addiction are at a high risk of developing a substance dependency condition. Especially children of alcoholic parents are more likely to become alcoholics.

We are one of the leading alcohol treatment centers in Costa Mesa to offer the best medical detox and inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. We also offer excellent continuing care programs for recovering addicts at affordable prices.

Tips to prevent alcohol relapse

Sobriety is a life-long commitment that requires discipline, determination, and persistence. Here are some tips on how to prevent relapse:

  • Stay close to family and loved ones, and make sure to surround yourself with sober people at all times. Avoid isolation and build a healthy routine to keep unhealthy and disturbing thoughts at bay.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced meal and make sure to include workouts or other physical activities in your daily schedule. This will not only help you remain physically fit but also build a healthy lifestyle.
  • Attend support groups, NA/AA groups, and continuing care programs at your rehab facility regularly. Discuss your temptations and other challenges to your treatment specialist as and when you feel antsy or tempted.

Call Akua Mind & Body today, and one of our dedicated treatment specialists can enlighten you with details of our treatments and programs. Break free from addiction and alcoholism with one of the top-rated alcohol treatment centers in Costa Mesa.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Costa Mesa