Best Orthopedic Oncologist

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Best Orthopedic Oncologist

A muscle or bone tumor is an abnormal growth within the cells that may be noncancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant). However, the cause of bone tumors is unknown. If you discover that you have a muscle or bone tumor, it is imperative to see an orthopedic oncology doctor as soon as possible.

Dr. Ben Deheshi is one of the best orthopedic oncology doctors in Fort Worth with 14 years of post-fellowship experience in the management of orthopedic oncology patients. He and his team will accurately diagnose any muscle or bone tumor and work with you to determine the best treatment options. 

What If I Have A Muscle Or Bone Tumor?

Do not panic if you are diagnosed with a bone, muscle, or joint tumor.  Dr. Ben Deheshi has extensive experience in orthopedic oncology, which means he is skilled at removing tumors and reconstructing bones, muscles, joints, and tendons as necessary. He will perform an in-depth assessment and use advanced imaging to make an accurate diagnosis. After diagnosing, Dr. Ben Deheshi will review all the possible treatment options and make a comprehensive plan of action that takes into consideration your needs and your lifestyle. 

Why Dr. Ben Deheshi Orthopedics?

Dr. Deheshi is respected regionally and nationally for his excellence in orthopedic oncology services in Fort Worth. You will benefit from his:

  1. Experience

Dr. Deheshi has been recognized as a top orthopedic doctor in Fort Worth, TX. He has experience in both pediatric and adult bone and soft tissue masses and malignancies. Dr. Deheshi has treated hundreds of patients, and his extensive experience means you can be assured you'll find the best treatment plan for you. 

  1. Personalized care 

Dr. Deheshi has dedicated his career to treating patients like you, and we treat every patient like his family. He will consider all your needs and work with you to answer any questions you may have about your diagnosis or treatment options. 

  1. Access to clinical trials

Dr. Deheshi is one of the nation's pioneers in medical orthopedic oncology research and development. All his patients are candidates of cutting-edge treatment options that cannot be found anywhere else in the region.

  1. Full range of support services

We recognize the psychological toll a muscle or bone tumor can take on your life. We offer numerous services to help you manage life during treatment, diagnosis, and recovery, including rehabilitation services and after surgery support.

  1. Comprehensive follow-up

 Your doctor needs to monitor you closely for some time because certain cancers and tumors can come back after treatment. Dr. Deheshi will work with you to help manage your health as long as you want. 

Contact An Orthopedic Oncologist Expert In Fort Worth

Dr. Deheshi is devoted to providing exceptional care and treatment for his patients in Fort Worth, TX. He is a recognized leader in treating complex cases involving bone tumors and cancer, offering everything you will need from diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation in one location. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.




Best Orthopedic Oncologist