Concierge Medicine Fort Worth

Concierge Medicine Fort Worth

The word “concierge” brings up a lot of images of luxury and expense. However, concierge health services are not just a luxury extra reserved for the wealthy. Concierge medicine services are now offered by Dr. Bailey at the Elite Health Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Many people in the medical field feel that concierge medicine will be the “future” of the health care industry, as the industry responds to patients’ requests for better access to their doctors, the advantage of longer office visits, and a focus on wellness and disease prevention.

How does concierge care differ from customary health care?

Concierge doctors tend to step away from the usual enormous patient loads, giving them the opportunity to offer a higher level of care to a specific, limited number of patients. This paradigm switch may well be the future of family medicine – but concierge medicine is here now at Elite Health Center in Ft. Worth, Texas. Dr. Bailey is the Elite Health Center’s Concierge Medicine doctor and is pleased to serve the patients in the Fort Worth area.

Limiting the number of concierge patients means that Dr. Bailey can spend much more time with patients than many doctors in conventional practices would be able to spend. Continuity of care, a valuable tool for health and wellness, can also be enhanced by choosing concierge medicine at Elite Health Center in Fort Worth.

What are the benefits of concierge health care?

The primary benefits of concierge health care are access to services the same or next day, as well as ongoing wellness appointments. The Concierge medicine services offered by Elite Health Center in Fort Worth give patients access to Dr. Bailey 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by phone or email. Elite Health Center is still accepting new patients for concierge medicine, so you owe it to yourself to see if concierge medicine is the best medical fit for you.

Concierge medicine at Elite Health Center in Fort Worth protects your two most valuable assets – your health and your time. The comprehensive screenings offered at Elite Health Center can be life-saving – catching the disease early, or better yet – possibly preventing them altogether.

This sounds expensive, is it affordable?

Think of it more as an investment in your health, with access to a comprehensive suite of health and wellness. When was the last time you heard of a doctor making a house call? Yes! Even house calls are available with concierge medicine at Elite Health Center in Fort Worth. When you consider what you might spend on other things that don’t serve the greater purpose of your health and wellness, the benefits of concierge medicine are obvious.

Elite Health Center’s concierge medicine offers discounts on cash-only services, including hormone replacement therapy, IV therapy, and cosmetic procedures. Comprehensive screening, treatment and the best of care are possible now – find out today if concierge medicine is right for you.

Concierge Medicine Fort Worth
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