Drug Rehab Orange County

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Drug Rehab Orange County

Choosing A Drug Rehab In Orange County

Several centers provide drug rehab in Orange County but they don’t all offer exactly the same treatment, they don’t offer the same facilities and they certainly do not offer the same charges. Since your aim is to get the best treatment for your loved one in the best facility at the lowest possible cost, there are certain requirements you should look for in you’re a drug rehab in Orange County

As for the success rate

Even though every case of drug addiction is unique and has a different intensity, it is important to ask for the success rate of your preferred drug rehab in Orange County. While it is not likely to see any center with over 85 percent success rate, you should not accept any rate that is below 65 percent.

The success rate offered by the center is the chances of recovery of all the addicts brought to the center. It is very important that everyone is on the same page in terms of the definition of success. You might want to make it clear that successful completion of the program is not what you mean by success. Success should be full recovery without relapse.

24 hour Medical Care and attention

Depression and withdrawal syndrome are the most dangerous symptoms of drug addiction because they can lead to suicide. This is why addicts should be closely monitored. They should be monitored 24 hours a day. Depression causes sudden change of mood. So, the fact that a patient is laughing seriously right now does not mean he can’t attempt suicide in the next 30 minutes if left alone. This is why you should ensure that there is 24 hours monitoring and medical care.

Surveillance cameras should be installed in strategic areas in the center and there should be people who will be watching the cameras continuously.

Does their program involve taking drug?

You should avoid any center that still treats addicts with drugs. Drugs cannot cure drug addiction. It could lead from one addiction to another. If you can only stay away from a particular drug by taking another drug, it means you are just shifting addiction. That is not a real recovery. So do not select a center whose treatments of addiction includes taking of drugs.

Availability of psychotherapy

Since addiction is a function of the mind, no treatment can be successful without involving some form of psychotherapy. Effective rehab programs should include psychotherapy. So, you should take the time to go through the list of programs and check if there is any of such.

Do they subject participants to group activities?

Patients of depression or drug addiction should not be idle for long. Idleness is counterproductive to rehabilitation processes so participants should be kept busy always except when they are eating or sleeping. Group activities should be used to keep them busy and to also make them catch their fun at the same time. So, you should be sure that there are lots of activities lined up for participants every single day.

In conclusion, you should also compare charges too. This is why it is advisable to get the fees charged by at least service providers before you make your choice. You can’t get the best deal without comparisons.

Drug Rehab Orange County