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Calgary Invisalign

Calgary Invisalign

Pathways Dental Clinic is the leading Dentistry clinic in Calgary. We have years of experience in our profession and provide the best services at the most reasonable rates. Our huge base of loyal customers who have always preferred us over the other dentist clinics in Calgary will attest to it. Our Calgary Invisalign is a procedure to straighten teeth without braces. It is the best-known smile perfecting service.

  • Invisalign in Calgary

Invisalign is a relatively new technique of fixing crooked teeth and aligning them correctly compared to the traditional metal braces. This technique has taken the world by storm, and most people now opt for this technique of straightening their teeth. It has also created a massive demand for Invisalign dentists in Calgary. In our team, we have expert dentists to provide you with the best Invisalign treatments in Calgary.

  • Procedure

Invisalign is a form of invisible braces that are almost invisible to the naked eye; this means that you can fix your teeth without anyone ever knowing about it. In this treatment, our dentists first make 3-Dimensional views and models of your teeth and jaw, then those models are tweaked to represent the changes that will take place in the structure and aligning of the teeth by the Invisalign treatment. After that, the dentist provides the patient with the invisible plastic custom-made alignment trays. You must replace these trays with new ones, almost every 2-weeks. These trays are custom-built according to the procedure level, and the amount of pressure applied at every stage.

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign fixes the same teeth problems as the traditional metal braces, but it has many more added benefits.

  • Invisalign treatment does not require a long-term unmovable change to your jaw like that in the conventional braces. The Invisalign invisible bracket trays can be removed at home for special occasions and even to eat or drink, and you are required to wear these trays for 22-24 hours a day. Simultaneously, the traditional braces are fixed and wired by the dentist and cannot be removed at home or during treatment.

  • This treatment is also significantly less painful than the conventional method. No drilling or fixing of the brackets is required; this also prevents mouth sores, a common problem associated with the traditional metal braces.

  • Another significant benefit is that the Invisalign trays are very low-maintenance, and you can clean them easily while brushing the teeth to ensure good hygiene. Along with this, the method is much more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional braces as it is nearly invisible to the naked eye and adds a bit of a shine to your teeth.

  • The treatment is also relatively much cheaper than the traditional braces and has a very high customer satisfaction rate, with almost every patient loving the treatment and its results.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable Invisalign orthodontist in Calgary, contact Pathways Dental Clinic to get more details and schedule your first dental appointment: 587-329-3511

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