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Costa Rica Dental Prices

Costa Rica Dental Prices

Costa Rica dental prices are among the lowest of any country. Patients requiring extensive dental work can save significantly by traveling to Costa Rica to have the work performed. By many standards, Costa Rica dental is not just affordable but is also comparable in quality to dentistry in the US. Patients travel from all corners of the world to Costa Rica to benefit from dental vacations. If you need dental work but hesitate to pay the high costs requested by your dentist, Dr. Bernal Soto and his staff can help you book a visit to Costa Rica to save on dental care.

How Much Are Dental Implants in Costa Rica?

Expect savings between 40-70% compared with costs in the US. With that measure of savings, you may wonder, ‘Is dental work in Costa Rica safe?’; rest easy knowing that there are many safeguards in place to ensure that you have a positive experience. A short list of top dentists in Costa Rica for dental implants includes:

  1. Dr. Bernal Soto
  2. Nova Dental
  3. Goodness Dental
  4. Advance Dental

Dr. Soto’s high recommendations by patients provide peace of mind when choosing a dentist in another location. Why not make a call to our office to learn more about the benefits of traveling to Costa Rica for dental care?

What is the Cheapest Country to Get Dental Implants?

Costa Rica ranks among the top three locations in the world for affordable dental services- including dental implants. If you need multiple replacements for missing teeth, adding up the costs involved can be a shock to your finances. You’ll pay about half of what your dentist wants to charge you for implants when you travel to Dr. Soto’s practice to take advantage of Costa Rica dental prices. In essence, you could even save as much as 70%, enough to pay for your flight, hotel stay, and entertainment while visiting Costa Rica. Taking a dental vacation could lead to tremendous savings.

What Country is Best For Dental Implants?

Judge for yourself- patients fly into Costa Rica day in and day out to save money when they can’t afford dental care in their own country. We invite you to read reviews left by our patients to see why we are often referred to as the best Costa Rica dental clinic for implants. You may have seen ads online for bigger name clinics, like Nova Dental or Goodness Dental, both of which are excellent choices; however, when it comes to dental care, you want the best. As a top implant provider, Dr. Bernal Soto and his staff are known throughout Costa Rica for beautiful results that last.

Compare Costa Rica dental prices at our clinic with prices charged by your family’s dentist and reach out to us if you have any questions about taking a dental vacation in Costa Rica. We can help with all of the accommodations, including your flight arrangements, hotel booking, fishing excursions, and local adventuring. We’re here to help- don’t hesitate to call for more information.

What You Need to Know About Costa Rica Dental Prices

costa rica dental pricesMost Americans do not have the money to pay for their dental care. Crucial services are quite costly that the average American cannot afford, forcing many to put up with oral conditions that lower their quality of life. It doesn’t help that a large percentage of the population lack dental insurance. And for those who’re insured, the policies barely cover the full cost of advanced procedures. Either ...
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