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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me

Financial problems, ruined relationships, injuries, and legal consequences are some of the effects of drug or alcohol abuse. An individual addicted to alcohol or drugs prioritizes the substance they’re using and neglects other crucial areas of their life. This pattern lowers their quality of life and leads to a deterioration of their physical and mental health. Once substance use develops into a disorder, only rehab can help one quit drugs or alcohol successfully and reclaim their life.

At The Heavenly Center, we provide addiction treatment services for California residents searching for ‘drug and alcohol rehab centers near me.’ Here, we have experts, amenities, and unsurpassed treatment protocols that enable us to provide second to none alcohol and drug rehab treatment in California.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Outpatient Drug/Alcohol Rehab Centers

At The Heavenly Center, we aim to ensure that each of our guests receives the best treatment suited for their unique recovery needs. Addiction affects each individual differently, so we avoid giving one-size-fits-all solutions.

We also don’t believe there’s only one kind of treatment program that’s right for everyone. Our specialists explore all available methods to pair every person with the one that promises them the greatest benefits.

Before starting any treatment, we conduct a thorough medical and psychological evaluation. This enables us to provide the finest drug rehab programs in CA suited to the recovery needs of our guests. And for those using medical marijuana, we assess the possibility of using cannabis-assisted treatment alongside other treatment plans.

Our outpatient rehab program is divided into three phases to allow a well-paced recovery. The three phases are day/night, intensive outpatient, and outpatient. In the beginning, we keep guests at our center for several hours a day so they can receive optimal care to kick off their recovery journey. Once they’re no longer at a high risk of relapse, we reduce treatment hours.

Advanced Therapies and Technology

During all phases of treatment at our center, guests choose the therapeutic activities to participate in. We have several, including music therapy, aromatherapy, massage, yoga, meditation, and reiki. These complement the core behavioral therapies you’ll receive during individual sessions with a licensed therapist. Put together; our therapies promote physical and psychological healing from damages caused by prolonged alcohol or drug abuse.

Our rehab center is equipped with a wide selection of technological devices proven to aid in treating co-occurring disorders. An example is the Limbix VR, a device that allows you to face your fears in a realistic, virtual environment. Part of therapy involves enabling you to handle distressing situations with minimal anxiety, and this device helps with that. During treatment with us, you can choose from our variety of devices to promote the healing of your body, mind, and spirit.

Receive Addiction Help at a Premier Facility

At The Heavenly Center, we’re different from the rest in that we provide the finest yet low-cost addiction treatment in CA. Cost-wise, we are the next best thing to free drug rehab centers, but when it comes to quality, we are unexcelled. So, if you’re searching for ‘drug and alcohol rehab centers near me,' look no further than us. Contact The Heavenly Center for the best addiction treatment in all of California: 855-9THCNOW.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me

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