Intensive Outpatient Recovery Riverside

Intensive Outpatient Recovery Riverside

The outcome of your alcohol and drug treatment in Riverside depends on two main factors, among others. One, the facility you choose and the program you join play a key role in your journey to recovery. You’ll have a huge chance of success with a premier facility staffed by top addiction treatment specialists and an ideal program that adequately addresses your unique needs. Two, your determination and willingness to participate in treatment and lead a sober life matter considerably. Without any of these, even the best Riverside drug rehab may not help.

At Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, our clients access top of the line intensive outpatient recovery in Riverside. This is one of our levels of care suitable for those fighting serious addictions or transitioning from residential treatment.

Dos and Don’ts of Outpatient Recovery: How to Set Yourself Up for the Best Chance to Succeed in the Short-Term and Long-Term

There are two main categories of addiction treatment in Riverside, CA, outpatient and inpatient. Outpatient treatment is the least intensive of the two as it doesn’t require your presence at the rehab facility 24/7. Therefore, this can be the perfect program when you need to keep up with work, school, or other obligations while receiving treatment.

That said, outpatient treatment comes with a level of freedom that contributes to relapse when not managed well. Therefore, when undergoing outpatient treatment in one of the top Riverside drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers, it’s vital to take steps that guarantee your short and long-term success in recovery. You should also be aware of things to avoid that can sabotage your sobriety.

The Dos of Outpatient Recovery

First, you should complete your program as advised. Often, people leave treatment when they feel they’ve solved their substance use problem and attained sobriety. However, this is highly discouraged as it keeps you from adequately dealing with the underlying causes of your addiction, which leads to relapse if not fully addressed. Thus, it’s crucial to receive all the substance abuse services in Riverside, California, assigned to you for the directed period for your successful recovery.

Secondly, embrace supportive family members and friends. You can involve them in your treatment through family support programs where they’ll learn about your disorder and how to assist you. They’ll also play an important role in maintaining a drug-free environment for you at home.

The Don’ts of Outpatient Recovery

It’s essential never to lower your guard after achieving certain milestones in recovery. For instance, don’t expose yourself to triggers and drugs just after weeks after abstaining, believing that it's impossible to relapse at that point. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is an illness that can be treated and managed but not cured. So, be careful not to place yourself in situations that encourage using.

Also, avoid activities that involve alcohol or drugs. Learning how to spend your free time and enjoying yourself without turning to drugs helps you maintain a sober lifestyle. Additionally, find new hobbies. They will aid you in de-stressing and reducing the negative mental impact of daily challenges.

We’ll Set You Up for Long-Term Recovery

Getting professional help for intensive outpatient recovery in Riverside is only the beginning of a substance-free life. So much more goes into recovering from a substance use disorder than going to rehab, and our addiction treatment specialists will guide you on what to do to find lasting sobriety. At Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery, we want to see you succeed not just in rehab but beyond. Contact us today to get professional help or verify your insurance now:

Intensive Outpatient Recovery Riverside

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