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Outpatient Treatment Bakersfield

Outpatient Treatment Bakersfield

If you are looking for information about substance addiction treatment, you have probably seen that generally, all treatment programs fall into two categories: outpatient or inpatient rehab treatments.

The most severe cases of addiction require inpatient treatment to care for the patient at all times until treatment is completed. Our treatment has proven to be highly effective because of the excellence in personalized patient care. In the treatment, we combine different therapies, both group, and individual. The patient feels accompanied throughout the entire journey to recovery.

Our treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addictions have comfortable facilities to receive your family; our specialized professionals will be waiting for you. We have a large green space for recreation and spaces equipped for the most diverse needs of our patients.

Although addiction is a chronic disease that has no cure and will require diligent ongoing care, at some point, the treatment comes to an end. Then comes the time for intensive outpatient addiction treatment.

When you finish inpatient rehab treatment, you are discharged from treatment, not from the disease. 

The best substance abuse treatment centers have a structure of orientation and follow-up, which has the characteristics, components, and conditions necessary for patients to go through the social and labor reinsertion stage, from the knowledge and use of the tools acquired as part of the treatment. This allows them to implement the following stages of treatment.

Generally, outpatient treatments begin after discharge from inpatient treatment because, at that time, the patient requires tools and guidance not only to reinsert into society in different areas but also to deal with stressful situations that may induce a relapse.

Life after completing inpatient rehabilitation treatment has several challenges. It takes time for patients to return to normal socializing, to create a safe environment without the presence of addictive substances, or even to cope with everyday stress or frustrations. 

Patients who finish detox have to rebuild their lives according to new rules, and they can hardly do it without the help of a professional in charge of a long-term outpatient recovery plan.

Because living a life of sobriety can be so challenging, it is common that upon discharge, patients are advised to begin outpatient treatment immediately.

With proper guidance, patients can have a plan to continue their treatment and begin the next stages of their life with much more ease and reduced chances of redeveloping a severe addiction.

Our programs are based on science-backed methods, and we take care to constantly educate our patients to give them the tools they need to function in the world.

The importance of educating our patients in our outpatient treatment is what allows us to attack the root causes of their addictions instead of focusing on the wrong factors.

At Advanced Recovery Centers you will find the best drug and alcohol rehab near you. If you want to know more about our different programs to help you get through your addiction problems, you can check our website and see our verifications and benefits:

Outpatient Treatment Bakersfield
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Outpatient Treatment Bakersfield
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