Family Practice Keller

Family Practice Keller

Family Practice Keller is a comprehensive family practice in the suburb of Keller, TX.  We provide health care for the entire family. 

Our goal is integrated and comprehensive care for each member of the family.  Regular checkups, screenings, and patient education provide the foundation of long-term relationships between the patient and doctor. 

A family practice doctor provides in-depth care for all ages and is also called a primary care physician (PCP).  A PCP can also be an internal medicine doctor, but an internist only treats adults.  A pediatrician will only treat patients up to 18 years of age.  Selecting a family practice for your entire family saves driving from office to office.  The same doctor refills medications for Mom and Dad that completes the sports physical for little Tommy. 

Taking care of the flu or a minor cut is just as important as managing diabetes, high blood pressure, or asthma on a daily basis.  Diet consultations and counseling for lifestyle changes may be appropriate for continued health.  A family practice physician can provide all of this and more. 

A PCP provides 80% to 90% of the medical care needed by their patients.  If simple maintenance isn’t enough, he or she will refer you to a specialty doctor to assist in your care, but where a dermatologist would treat a specific skin condition, unless your skin condition was complicated, a PCP could manage that along with the other basic care you receive from him or her. 

A PCP integrates clinical, biological, and comprehensive sciences to provide better results by caring for the whole individual and not just a specific disease or organ system.  Using a PCP can have an extraordinary impact on a patient’s overall well-being over a lifetime. 

Building trust in the doctor-patient relationship has been shown to have a significant association with more patients following the medical plans outlined by their doctor and promotes faster healing or feeling better quicker.  A patient is more likely to have the suggested screening exams if they trust their doctor.  Screening exams can lead to early detection and treatment of many different conditions. 

Dr. Bailey received his medical degree from the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He provides the highest quality of care at Family Practice Keller.  He believes that health is more than just not being sick.  He focuses on all aspects of his patients’ lives. 

Patient-centered care the goal at Family Practice Keller.  We strive to be compassionate, respectful, and responsive to all of our patients' needs.  Contact with the office is available 24/7 by call, email, or texting.  We focus on true health and provide many different services, such as hormone evaluations, Botox injections, chemical peels, and intravenous (IV) vitamin and mineral therapy. 

We have a list of cash services for patients with high-deductible insurance policies or no insurance at all.  We also offer membership plans that provide a personalized approach to your care:

  • The Wellness Plan is a bundle of wellness services for one annual fee that includes a discount on all cash services.
  • The Concierge Plan includes same-day appointments and extended visits, as well as screening and prevention services and discounts on cash-only services. Bailey will also make home visits for patients who participate in this plan. 
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