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Are you considering muscle implants in the San Francisco area? If you are not able to develop your chest or arm muscles to the level that you desire, you may find that implants are a great way to achieve the look you want. Implants can help you improve the proportions of your muscles and boost your self confidence.

While most people have heard of breast implants, not many have heard that it’s now possible to enhance the contours of the arms, legs, chest, hips and buttocks. Although some people look at this type of procedure as ‘cheating’,  that’s not usually the case. Patients may use muscle implants to help improve their appearance due to a genetic or injury-related body deformity or underdevelopment. Other times, regardless of how much a person works out, they are not able to achieve the look they want.

Muscle implants are made of a soft, solid silicone gel which is not only extremely durable, it’s also safe. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and typically takes a couple of hours to perform, depending on which procedure is being performed. Complications are rare and not typical. You’ll be back to your normal activities in a week or two and back to sports after six weeks of recovery.

Patients often opt for muscle implants in the buttocks in the San Francisco clinic. Dr. Javaheri is among a very small number of surgeons who are offering this extremely progressive procedure to contour the body. Both men and women opt for buttock muscle implants due to the results that can be obtained. The surgery is straight forward and the incision is hidden well in the crease of the buttock, so that even when wearing a thong, it is almost impossible to see the scar.

Due to the placement of the implant, it does not usually hinder the ability to sit comfortably. The result of this procedure is the improvement of the shape, contour and size of the buttocks.

Pectoral implants in men can help enhance the appearance of a defined muscular shape and are often placed as well for individuals with certain genetic and physical defects. You can view real patient before and after pictures of pectoral implants when you visit and see the results for yourself.

Bicep and tricep muscle implants are placed in the arms to enhance muscles that may not show the mass and fullness desired, despite exercise and conditioning. In these procedures, incisions are placed in well-hidden areas and recovery is quick and typically well-tolerated.

The first step to achieving your goals is in scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Javaheri by calling 415-923-3800. He’ll be happy to answer your questions for you and outline the options available with regard to muscle implants in the San Francisco clinic.

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