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MyMoboDoc FAQs

About MyMoboDoc

What is MyMoboDOC?
MyMoboDOC is a mobile healthcare service provided in the convenience of your home or office. We have revolutionized the delivery of healthcare. Our state of the art mobile healthcare equipment allows mobile diagnostics and treatment.
How does MyMoboDOC work?
Through our new and state-of- the-art mobile healthcare technology it’s like the physician is in your home or office! The Physician can listen to your heart, lungs and abdomen by using a digital stethoscope. He/she can also perform a through Ears, Noses, Throat, Eyes and Skin exam using a high quality camera attachment. Your real time video with the physician will allow you to explain your symptoms and concerns and allow the physician to gather pertinent information needed for your diagnosis.


How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule a MyMoboDoc appointment you would first need to check and see if you are in our service area which you can do above. Click Here to take you there.

If you are inside our service area, you will be redirected to a form to request an appointment. You can also call us to schedule an appointment at 817-562-2339.

To schedule a standard office visit, you can click on the Schedule Appointment tab to request an appointment or call us at 817-562-2339

How do I complete the Patient Information Forms?
Once your appointment is confirmed you will receive an email with an invitation and instructions to join the patient portal. In the patient portal you will be able to view your appointment information and “Check-In” to your appointment. During Check-In all patient forms are completed.
How do I complete the Patient Information Forms?
Yes, rescheduling is allowed up to 2 hours prior to your appointment. A $25.00 rescheduling fee will be applied.
Can I cancel my appointment?

Cancellation policy is as follows:

A 24 hour notice must be given for all cancellations. If proper notification is not provided or a No-Show visit occurs a $75.00 fee will be applied.

A No-Show visit is defined as a visit in which the patient is not present at the address during the time of the scheduled appointment.

How will I know when MyMoboDOC is on the way?
The mobile medical assistant will text you when they are in route to your address. Appointments are scheduled in 1 hour blocks. Your mobile medical assistant will arrive anytime within that hour. For example if your appointment is scheduled at 10am you should expect your mobile medical assistant to arrive any time between 10am and 11am.


Does MyMoboDOC accept insurance?
Yes, we accept most major insurance providers. Prior to your visit benefits and eligibility will be performed to determine your financial responsibility. We currently do not accept Medicare or Medicaid for Mobile Visits.
What does the visit cost if I pay cash?
A mobile healthcare visit cost $150.00 per visit. This fee does not include any diagnostic test or injections. Refer to the Fee Schedule for cost of individual test and injections. For the safety of our mobile medical assistants no CASH will be accepted. Credit, debit, or Health Savings Account cards only.
Can I use my Health Savings Card?
Yes, you can use your Health Savings Account for mobile healthcare visits.


What type of visit is treated with MyMoboDOC?
Mobile Healthcare is not intended to replace routine visits with your primary care provider. It is intended for acute illness such as cough, cold, flu or minor strains and sprains.
What type of visit is not accepted with MyMoboDOC?

We do not accept the following visit types:

  • Pain management
  • Routine medication refills
  • Chest pain or shortness of breath
  • Lacerations
  • Chronic disease management
  • Psychiatric, mental health, or ADHD treatment
Can diagnostic labs be performed during the visit?

Yes, if the doctor feels it is necessary for a diagnosis we provide lab draw for routine lab, Flu and Strep Screen, Urinalysis, and Finger Stick Glucose Levels.

Can I receive injections if needed?

Yes, we provide the following injections:

  • Toradol
  • Zofran
  • Decadron
  • B12
  • We also provide IV Infusions for dehydration

Privacy and Security

How do I know if the person that arrives is really with MyMoboDOC?
When the Mobile Medical Assistant is dispatched to your home you will receive a text message through our HIPPA compliant encrypted notification center including approximate arrival time along with a picture and credentials of your Mobile Medical Assistant. Our Assistants will always be in blue scrubs with MyMoboDOC on the shirt and in a company car marked MyMoboDOC.
Do you perform background checks on your employees?
Yes, all employees providing mobile healthcare have undergone background checks including criminal history, driving record and credential verification. Your safety is our priority.
What about your patient privacy policy?
MyMoboDOC’s data is cloud-based, encrypted HIPPA compliant. Our communications via text and email are done through an encrypted HIPAA compliant notification center. We have strict privacy and security policies in place. No protected health information is stored locally on computers or mobile devices carried by providers. Medical records are stored in a cloud-based electronic medical record.
Can I access my medical records?
Yes, you have access to your medical records via the patient portal.
Our medical providers are board certified physicians licensed in the state of Texas.

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