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Dr. Michael Baliey and staff or committed to providing your family with full-service health care. We focus on wellness as well as traditional family medicine.  Find below an online form for new patients as well as the many insurance companies we work with.  We also offer cash pricing and membership medicine. 

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What makes concierge medicine more attractive?

A traditional private practice consists of 2500-3500 patients within that practice at any time. While a concierge model limits the practice to 300-500 patients. By limiting the practice size, a physician is able to personalize care for much fewer patients and give them increased access to care.

Should I continue paying my current insurance premiums?

Yes. It is best to pair your membership with a high deductible, lower premium insurance plan. Due to the high cost of hospitalizations and emergency care you need to be protected in case of catastrophic events such as trauma, cancer or serious medical events.

What type of access will I have with a membership?

24/7. One of the most important aspects of membership is access to your physician. Who wants to wait two weeks for an appointment when you are needing attention now? We offer 24 hour physician availability via text, video, email, or same day or next day appointment. Perhaps you are traveling and need assistance, we will help assist you. This will improve one’s overall health, reduce the incidence of hospitalizations, and decrease the number of urgent care or ER visits. If it is an emergency situation we will point you in the right direction and also be your advocate.

What does my annual membership fee cover?

The membership fee should be viewed as a practice enhancement fee for access and not for any servicespaid is a retainer for Dr. Bailey’s availability, convenience and personalized care for each member. Once these visits have been used, your insurance will be filed.

Do I get anything else for my membership?

Yes. We do provide aesthetic procedures, hormone replacement, and IV therapy. All members receive a 15% discount on our other services.

Can I be a member if I do not have insurance?

Definitely. Although we do not feel that this is the best protection for you or your family, sometimes it is better than the alternative of not having a provider to turn to at all. You will still have all of the services advantages of members with insurance coverage. All members have 4 annual face to face visits built into the membership. Once you have gone beyond that you will be billed the reasonable cash prices from our menu and still get the 15% discount.

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