Structured Sober Living Austin

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Structured Sober Living Austin

If you’re looking for a follow-up recovery program to residential or outpatient treatments, our structured sober living in Austin is ideal for you. 78704 Holistic Sober Living for Artists & Entrepreneurs offers a unique sober living program designed to offer support and guidance for a healthy, sober, and successful life.

How structured sober living programs work

Our sober houses in Austin, TX, are transition programs, ensuring fast, effective, and safe social reintegration. All former addicts struggle with finding their way in the world after completing the rehab treatment. Some deal with social triggers, unfit family environments, lack of employment, uncontrolled cravings, and an overall lack of personal values and life goals. The outpatient program cannot fix these problems since it lacks the tools it needs for any meaningful change.

Our sober houses and transitional living programs rely on a different approach to change our clients’ lives for good. Structured living programs rely on holistic concepts, aiming to treat the individual as well, aside from the disease. Addictive behaviors are always a consequence of less evident mental, personal, emotional, or physical problems, and a holistic approach is ideal in this scenario.

To provide the ideal results, our Austin, TX, transitional housing offers:

  • Personal development support
  • Routine and healthy habit building
  • Regular gym sessions and group recreational activities
  • CrossFit sessions
  • Optimized nutritional eating habits
  • ATX Mentor Network
  • Career learning and business opportunities
  • Art, teaching, discovering new talents, etc.

The ATX Mentor Network program

Most former addicts struggle to reintegrate into society or find a job and regain their financial independence. That’s both due to lacking adequate peer support and lacking the confidence and knowledge they need in their endeavors. During our sober housing in Austin, you will participate in the ATX Mentor Network program to change that.

This is a personal development program providing access to 100 experts coming from equally as many fields and disciplines. They are proficient in health and fitness, art, movies and music, public speaking, business, financial opportunities, beginner-level, and advanced entrepreneurship, etc. These courses will help you identify your interests and passions and learn how to use them to your benefit. In the end, the ATX Mentor Network will help you:

  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence levels
  • Understand financial independence
  • Grow more responsible and learn accountability, honesty, and sacrifice
  • Learn hard-work and dedication as tools for a better life
  • Learn all the ups and downs of advanced entrepreneurship and business management
  • Discover and harness your talents, no matter what field they fall into, etc.

The ATX Mentor Network is more than a specialization program; it is a transformative one. Our transitional housing in Austin, TX, will help you become the person you’ve always dreamed of being.

Contact 78704 Holistic Sober Living for Artists & Entrepreneurs at 512-270-3142 for structured sober living in Austin. We help former addicts embrace a healthier lifestyle and add purpose and meaning to their lives. Take this opportunity, come to our sober home today, and we’ll take it from there!

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