Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a conscious choice to achieve not only health but a higher quality of life.

  • Physical Exam
  • Diet Consultation
  • Hormone Evaluation
  • IV Therapy Treatments
  • Lipo B Injections

Wellness Membership

As an Elite Health and Wellness Member you receive all of the services for 1 annual fee. The Elite Health and Wellness members also receive 15% off all cash services as part of the membership.

Physical Exam

Complete physical exam and lab focussing on improvement of health and wellness. A full panel of lab to evaluate thyroid function, hormone levels, Vit D and B levels, cholesterol levels,as well kidney and liver function.

3 IV Therapy Treatment Annually

There are many IV treatments to choice from. Visit the IV Therapy page for more information.

Diet Consultation

Your diet is the foundation to your health. Dr Bailey will provide education and understanding on proper nutrition as well as evaluate your need for supplements. Feeling better starts with nutrition!

Hormone Evaluation

As we age testosterone and estrogen naturally decline. Unfortunately traditional medical practices don’t take the time to test and treat hormone level changes. Many patients present with depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, loss of labido, weight change, decreased focus, all which are symptoms of hormone imbalance. Bio-identical hormones are natural, plant-based substances that metabolize in the body the way nature intended. Synthetic hormones are artificially formulated and produced in a lab. By providing your body with the most natural form of hormones you can reduce such risk associated with synthetic hormones. Visit our Hormone Replacement tab and take the test to see if you may benefit from hormones replacement therapy.

Lipo B Monthly Injections

LipoB or SuperB injections are vitamin packed with B12, Vitamin C, B1, B3, Inositol, Choline, Methionine, B2, and B5. This injection can help strengthen your health and jumpstart your weight loss. It is packed with antioxidants to help detoxify the body.

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